Welcome to Casa da Gente


For the traveller that seeks “not to be a simple tourist”, staying at the Casa da Gente is a great option. Here you can merge into the landscape, know the city from the insiders and experience an affectionate welcome.


Best of three worlds: unusual for its location, the Casa da Gente enjoys the tranquility of Santa Teresa, the Bohemia of Lapa and the energy of downtown Rio.


Eco Solutions: capture of rain water; solar panels; compost of organic waste; urban agriculture... many solutions have been adopted at the house and many more are to come. (learn more)


Charm: our home is bright, decorated with unique vintage furniture and creative works from neighborhood artists. Its hanging garden overlaps the roofs and streets of the city center and has a breathtaking view.


Hospitality: we share our best tips with you so that you can discover the city in a practical, safe and easy way.