Santa Teresa & Lapa

Rio de Janeiro

Santa Teresa and Lapa are both bohemian neighborhoods that have contributed to the artistic and musical heritage of Rio.

Atop a hill overlooking the city, Santa Teresa has an impressive collection of nineteenth century mansions lining the winding streets. Many beautiful colonial houses touch the sky and have impeccable gardens hidden behind high fences. Today, Santa Teresa is known for his artistic life. Throughout the year, impromptu celebrations and street parties provide the ambiance. During the annual Portas Abertas, dozens of artists open the doors of their workshops and cover the streets of modern arts facilities.



The streets of Lapa are below Santa Teresa, south of Cinelândia, connected by the famous and colorful tiled staircase created by the artist Jorge Selarón: the Escadaría Selarón. In downtown Rio, Lapa is synonymous with fun, day and night. It is one of the top musical places in Brazil where the sounds of forró, choro, samba resonate in the many bars or nightclubs. The arches of Lapa, Arcos da Lapa, are the flagship monument of the district. It is an ancient aqueduct dating back to the Portuguese colonial era. On this structure of 64 m high circulates the bonde (tram) connecting Lapa and Santa Teresa.



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